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Jentri grew up in the small town of Burton, Texas, but later moved to Austin, Texas where she studied film at the University of Texas and received a BS in radio, television and film. She also began her long-standing career doing makeup for a short film in 1998, and continued expanding upon her freelance makeup portfolio with bridal and print work. Other makeup-related film work includes The Quiet and Jumping Off Bridges (2005).

After several years of doing makeup professionally, Jentri began writing screenplays, formed 4020 Productions, and co-created and produced 40 Going On 20 (2006), a wellness and fitness video. Since 2007, Jentri has optioned her first script, All The Good Ones, and co-produced and released a series of Aether Paranormal documentaries with Paranormal Productions in Austin, Texas, including her first co-directorial feature debut, Volando Muerte (2012), a mixed genre horror piece.

Jentri received her esthetics license in 2012, after attending the Aveda Institute in Austin, Texas. She's currently working towards the development of her latest feature script, Lost In Sunshine (2017) with producer, Lorie Marsh, while providing professional makeup services in the Austin area.






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